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Alzheimer's Society

Alzheimer's Society

The Links Golfer is proud to support Alzheimer’s Society and raise money for it’s cure and care programmes.  By 2021  1,000,000 people will be living with the condition.  Cancer charities receive roughly £20 for every £1 going towards research for the various forms of dementia but as people live longer it seems they are increasingly likely to live with a form of dementia.  If the money is invested it should be possible to achieve the same life changing results that advances in cancer care have made.  Alzheimer’s Society has the laudable ambition to raise £1 billion by 2021. Lets help them do it! 

Nearly all of us have seen the agonies wrought by dementia and I think that something transformational can be achieved with your support.  To begin with I have two sources of funding with sponsorship to follow: 

Firstly I would like to thank the many golf clubs that are donating my green fee, or a proportion of it, to the charity.  Huge thanks to them as they add real impetus to my fundraising. 

Secondly I have commissioned a range of golf caps to sell in aid of Alzheimer’s Society with all proceeds going to the charity.  The caps are made of great quality washed cotton with a vintage brass buckle and come in six colours and are suitable for most ages and sizes.  I am selling them for £15 plus postage and packing.  Thanks to a private sponsor every penny goes straight to Alzheimer's Society.  I am adding a banking and Paypal option shortly which will also accept donations large or small.  

If you would like to purchase a cap, sponsor me, or make a donation please email me at charles@thelinksgolfer.com and I will send you further details.

Dementia doesn't care how old you are.  It is caused by a disease of the brain so it is not an inevitable part of ageing.  More than 40,000 people with dementia are under 65.

Of the top ten causes of death, dementia is the only one we cannot cure, prevent or even slow down.

Alzheimer's Society is the UK's leading dementia charity, working tirelessly to challenge perceptions, fund research and improve and provide care and support. 

Alzheimer’s Society Registered Charity 296645

Please read my letter of authority from Sian Neville, Community Fundraiser at Alzheimer's Society

Read more about the Alzheimer's Society's great work by

Click here to support the Alzheimer's Society and The Links Golfer with your own golf cap

Waterville; curious that water is in the title, I should have known

Waterville; curious that water is in the title, I should have known

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Dingle; Star Wars and remarkable views